Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Band Society Pilot

     So last night I was on YouTube and saw the commercial for Red Band Society, advertising works! Who knew? Anyway onto my view point of  the RBS pilot. First off, I loved how Charlie our narrator is actually a coma patient. Also i'm going to have to see if pizza really does help comas, I have a feeling it could work! Plus I have a couple theories about the dad/volunteer dude and Charlie's accident so hopefully we learn more about that soon.

      Kara the cheerleader definitely has layers of skin to be removed. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol equals your typical "cray-cray" teenager. The girl who has no heart finally needs one to survive, very touching indeed. Making Kara realize she actually has to care about people other than herself. Her relationship with Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer!) is very humorous  as well especially when she does her specific lunch order.                                                      

       Jordi. Hmm very brave having the "balls" to find Dr. McAndrew with the cancer in his right leg and all. Leo and Emma have interesting history but stopped to due too much stress. Considering the touching dance moment near the end I suspect some Jordi and Emma love in the future. Honestly Emma is my favorite character right now, I love her humor! Jordi: "Your seriously twisted." Emma: "Not everyone appreciates it." Some inspiring words from Ruben and the leg goodbye party is on. Dash using Twilight as a pick up line on Nurse Dobler that was awkwardly hilarious especially because she has a boyfriend and a dog to get back to. And who could forget buying beer in Spanish! Later on, I love how Reuben, the doc, and Nurse Jackson converse about the roof party. Charlie's father finding out "none of this was your part" from Kara was cool.

        The title Red Band Society is very sweet, each red bracelet represents different times Leo was in the hospital. My favorite line of the whole of the episode is *drum roll*  "Your body isn't you. Your soul is you and they can never cut into your soul." which was Leo comforting Jordi about his upcoming leg surgery. Next week's preview showed what looked like a lot of mini clips from future episodes. No real spoilers on next Wednesday's episode but i'm still looking forward to next week's Red Band Society. Check out their twitter page and see all the hype! Til' next week, later!

By Jade Graham-Vallejo (Theo's Daughter)

Hi! I'm Jade and i'm going to be writing about upcoming Fall tv shows. Some of which include: Red Band Society, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, and The Walking Dead. For now i'm going to be posting on here, but soon I will have my own blog. So enjoy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Despair Takes CZ-198

Week 3 of conquests and our 3rd conquer. Voss, Corellia, and now CZ-198. Now on to Tat. Really hoping we win that one.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Despair Conquests, Strongholds, and a few other Star Wars The Old Republic pics

Been awhile since I posted. I had planned a post on sdcc and other stuff but eh, maybe at some point. Anyways here's a few shots from swtor from the past couple of weeks.

A early version of my Tat Balcony. Before I ran into the npc prob. Such a bummer you can't place more pets and companions. And the companions as holo's are pretty weak. They don't even show current outfit, just original outfit. :/

Tenenbaum talking about Forged Alliances. Darth Arkous is pacing the background and he looks like he's photo bombing. :)

Zissou on the little mini hutt throne. This s closer to what it looks like now. I have a few more parts up there since this shot.

Week 1 of conquests Despair Conquered the planet of Voss.

Week 2 we conquered Corellia. Thanks in big part to all the GSF pilots we have in the guild.

And lastly a couple Tenenbaun and Despair group shots on the planet of Corellia. Our newest conquest.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Links to all the Star Wars The Old Republic posts of the past couple of months and SDCC Cantina 7/25/14

Looks like it might be a little quiet as far as updating outfits in The Old Republic for awhile. That's ok, I've done probably more then I should have :P

They should have news later today with another Galactic Strongholds live stream.

I'll be attending sdcc this next week, my 8th year, I attended last years cantina event and plan to attend this years as well. As long as something else big doesn't get in the way like a screening or something.

Anyways considering I've made many different posts with outfits I decided to make another master post of Old Republic to leave up top while we wait for Galactic Strongholds. I'm really looking forward to designing houses and then taking some screens to share.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Star Wars The Old Republic. Some Action Screens of Tio and Mako in Rholan Dyre and Mandalore The Preserver armor.

Tio-Salamanca being my 2nd bounty hunter character is a character I mainly use for pvp. Now that I completed the Mandalore The Preserver armor set I've equiped it to Mako since Tio just got the new Rholan Dyre set. I figure it might be cool to have all of his companions in Mandalorian armor, or I could just unlock them in collections and have Magnatude's crew do that. Though i've already got some pretty good looks on those companions considering their personalities.

Anyways just moving him through some of the story to get another companion to dress and caught a few cool action shots. I also never got a pic of Mako in the preserver armor so adding those to this post as well.

It's kind of a bummer to find out you can only have 1 of a companion in a house even if you have 2 different bounty hunters. I will be displaying Mangatude's Mako since she has Unyielding helm and Huttsbane, but I sure wouldn't mind displaying this Preserver set too. Maybe you can display one companion in a house and a different in another. So Huttsbane Mako can be on Tat, while Preserver Mako can be on Nar Shaddaa. 

A couple of awesome screens of Tio-Salamanca freezing bounties in carbonite.

Ok these last 3 aren't really action poses. The first 3 screens I grabbed. 

Star Wars The Old Republic Shrewd Rascal, XoXaan, Enhanced Assailant armor sets. Little more on Galactic strongholds.

6 days later :p Well this should be the last post containing armor sets from the club vertica pack. Somehow I ended up getting almost every set from that pack. Mostly from the gtn. Along the way I've also completed Mandalore the preserver set on Tio, though he has the new Rholan set so it's going on mako, and I can use it through collections if I ever decide to. Been watching Cassus Fettparts as well, down to needing the Helmet and pants from that set. The helm still runs about 900k.

Anyways on to the sets. Liz Lemon was in Republic Squadron Commander Pilot legacy armor set, which is cool, but it felt like the Shrewd Rascal was just perfect for a smuggler.

So as I noted about TheoWan before, I'm not sure I will ever level the character. He just stands as a tribute to my old swg character, and guild leader of Vitriol my original guild on the harbinger. I got this Enhanced Assailant completely through pack drops. Too bad too since it's probably the set i'm least interested in. Probably since I used to wear a set just like it on Zissou. It's like the old Warrior Rakata set.

Now for the XoXaan set. I got lucky finding the top for a great deal and the rest was pretty cheap. I like this set, but I haven't found a companion or character I'm 100% on yet. So for now it's going to sit in reserve with the Ajunta set. I had planned to do a who wore it better with these pics, but decided just to share the pictures without committing to use the set. yet. :)

And finally a little on Galactic strongholds.

I really wanted to make a dedicated post about this a couple of weeks ago now. So far they've done 2 streams on the houses. This last one didn't seem to have as much new info as the first stream, but it was still really cool to see how the house is going to work.

"Each Stronghold has a unique floor plan which is composed of 8 to 12 rooms" "Maximum item per house limit: There is a finite number of hooks you can use but it is a large amount. Tatooine for example have a huge amount of hooks." Good to hear. Tat is going to be the first house I decorate so looking forward to getting all the good stuff displayed in it. I know companions and the sets i've been sharing here will be displayed in a major room. Other then that I know I'm going to have some kind of a pet room and garage for all the mounts.

Right now I'm sitting at a legacy score 19625. I'm looking forward to seeing what decorations are already unlocked, and what i'm close to unlocking.

Not too long of a wait now. They are streaming a little more every week so i'm sure they will have other tidbits worth posting about. I'm attending the cantina at sdcc on July 25th. It would be really cool to hear something about the other next expansion, but some last little cool thing about housing would be cool too. Maybe that's the week they talk about guild capital ships.

You can re-watch the Streams on Twitch 

Developer Update: Introduction to Galactic Strongholds

Master Post. Links to all the posts I made on my Star Wars The Old Republic character outfits and customization's.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Santogold's Mandalorian Clansman’s and Jacq's Unbreakable Veteran’s Armor Set from the Club Vertica packs in Star Wars The Old Republic

Santogold used to wear Energized Manhunter chestguard  with the rest GSI Tactical Assault MKI armor. The GSI supporting pieces remain but I switched out the chest for Mandalorian Clansman’s and threw a Orange and brown dye kit on it. Santagold always looked so much cooler with heavy looking armor. And just like Kingsley, Santogold has a kingpin lightsaber now after sending the gree one to Zissou.

Got the Ventilated Triumvirate Armor set from the packs but not too crazy about it. It hit me though that it might work out well for Santogold's companions since she's a psycho dark sider and her companions are as well. So Quinn is wearing Ventilated Triumvirate Armor while Jaesa is in Stylish Dancer outfit with Marka Ragnos parts.

Lastly we have the Unbreakable Veteran’s Armor Set for Jacques-Yves. This time the chest piece remains the same while all the other supporting parts are switched out. As I've noted before I've had alot of sets where I used a chest plate surrounded by scalene armor, but moving on alot of the characters from that look. I do still have companions Jorgan in the blue scalene and Zenith in the red scalene. Anyways I like the way these supporting Unbreakable Veteran’s parts go with the Verpine Boltblaster commando chest. Especially the gloves appear to have targeting system on it. Jacq also has the new Kingpin's Assault cannon.

Tomorrow I'm Going to finally post about strongholds as well as who should wear the XoXaan armor set.

Club Vertica packs, Tio-Salamanca and Kaw-Liga new Mandalorian gear sets, and a touch about strongholds in Star Wars The Old Republic

More of the Club Vertica packs. Remulus Drepya’s and Karness Muur’s armor sets in Star Wars The Old Republic

Master Post of the Customization's for all my Star Wars The Old Republic characters and companions.

More of the Club Vertica packs. Remulus Drepya’s and Karness Muur’s armor sets in Star Wars The Old Republic

As I mentioned the other day I found a good amount of the club vertica pack on the gtn. Probably more then any other pack. Pretty excited to get most of this stuff since it's got a limited availability and some of these sets will probably be quite pricey in the future. I almost want to stash some away to sell, but I've already spent too much and I really shouldn't let any more purchases get in the way of saving for the galactic strongholds.

A little crazy that I just completed outfits for many of my characters as seen in my Customizations for all my Star Wars The Old Republic characters and companions post. And now I'm changing a good amount of them. Some of the sets will go secondary characters companions.

This Remulus Drepya set actually seems to go pretty well with the Nihilus mask, which is a pretty cool find, I have yet to find many outfits the Nihilus mask actually looks good with. Maybe someday they will make a Nihilus robes set, but until then this could work. My Nihilus mask is bound to Zissou, I guess I could open it up in collections, but waiting to see how the legacy house storage works first.

I debated for awhile which character would get Karness Muur’s set. I like the set so I kind of wanted to use it on a playable character. I had Sweet-Dee in mind, but in the end I still liked the Zayne set on her. Also using the Karness Muur set on Jaesa matches Zissou's set well.

And kind of a funny one. Wanted to show Zissou's set next to Jaesa's new set. So had Zissou perform the new emote Tihaar Dance. Which is the Tequila dance from Peewee's big adventure :P

Going to attempted to post the remaining sets in another post or 2 today as well.

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