Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zissou's Outfit lineup. First 7 outfits Swtor 3.2 OutFit Designer.

Couldn't wait for this feature. The Outfit Designer! I always enjoyed outfitting characters in this game. As seen when i did the big post last summer on how i outfitted all my characters and their companions. I spent a few hours yesterday jumping around characters and outfitting. Seemed only fitting i make a post. Starting with Zissou's outfits. Most of these are outfits from his past. A few spiced up. I wanted to make sure i left a good amount of sots oen for future outfits and ideas. And i have all the other characters to outfit as well. 

Starting with one of my favorite outfits Zissou wore during 2013. Actually just the chest piece, all the other parts of this are from newer sets. So an updated look on a classic :P Kind of like a Sith Bounty Hunter. The chest-piece CZ-5 Armored Assault. Mandalorian Clansman Helmet(Hidden atm) and Bracers. Unbreakable Veteran Gloves, Belt, Legs, and Boots.

Outfit for at least the last months. Naga Sadow Chestplate, Gloves, and Bracers. Marka Ragnos Helmet, and Belt. KDY Shipwright legs. Dreadseed Boots.

Pvp armor from years ago. The Elite War Hero Weaponmaster full set.

The first pvp set. Centurion Weaponmaster set. And it's close to the Marr Look with more Black and Grey.

The Winter Look. Thermal Retention Goggles, Belt, and Bracers. Polar Exploration Jacket dyed Blue and Brown. Dread Forged Weaponmaster Gloves. Mandalorian Clansman Legs. Obroan Weaponmaster Boots.

Tulak Hord set.

The Original Revan Set.

Tough choices. And want to make sure to have room for future ideas, sets, and other characters. More to come.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 5 Zissou's Tatooine Marketplace Cantina Stronghold in Star Wars The Old Republic - Post 5 of 5

The posting is now complete with today's 5 of 5 post of Zissou's Tatooine Marketplace Cantina Stronghold. I'm sure I will continue to have posts about design and photos of my strongholds, but this was one of my first goals. Photos of the Tat stronghold once it was 100%ed.

Finishing big with The Hanger. This was the first expansion I opened when first getting the stronghold. Have the vehicles lined up around the starship in the middle. Also I have the ops boss posters surrounding on the walls.

-The Hanger

Entrance way with pvp posters and Cage of the Tormented.

Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor and the start of the Animal rides.

KDY Lifter and vehicle lineup.

Better shot of the Animal rides. Start of the ops posters. Put them in order.

This side has most of the larger size vehicles.

The other side of the larger vehicles.

The last of the ops posters until the expansion.

Couple of Pod Racers in the mix.

A couple of the Gree Sphere vehicles.

Most of the slimmer vehicles.

Slimmer vehicles.. One especially of note in the middle from the chevin event the busted speeder that leaves a smoke trail.

Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor from the front with a view of the balcony.

So that's that. Only about a week and a half until the expansion. Glad I got to post these, I was always looking forward to the houses in the game. They've been pretty good. Could of been better, but i'm glad we have them.

I'll probably make another post soon with more of the weekly pictures I've been taking for conquests. I've leveled a few characters  during 12x xp. I already had the 8 55's but added a merc, jugg, and close to adding a sent to the mix. The sent will be good so i can send zissou's old gear over. Anyways thanks for checking out the stronghold. I post Swtor pics even more consistently over on instagram if you wanna follow over there   or search by the tag #SwtorFamily and see a good amount of my posts.

And one more time the previous days.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 4 Zissou's Tatooine Marketplace Cantina Stronghold in Star Wars The Old Republic - Post 4 of 5

Day 4. Almost there. Pent tent day. Always had a plan to have these pets set up. Only recently when they lifted the limt on them was I able to place all these. This is my first set up for these guys but I may eventually theme them with other items.

-Pet Tent

Orobird on the front line in the middle. The first pet I can remember in the game.

Side view.

Behind the pets with a slight view of the krayt skeleton.

Side pet view with sandcrawler base.

Flying pet lineup. Balloons and Hutt barge.

Little KDY Lifter and Gree ship.

Another Balcony shot with Zissou on the throne.

Zissou with Crew.

5 of 5 tomorrow. The Hanger!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 3 Zissou's Tatooine Marketplace Cantina Stronghold in Star Wars The Old Republic - Post 3 of 5

Day 3 brings the marketplace in Zissou's Tatooine Marketplace Cantina Stronghold. For awhile I didn't have too many ideas for this part of the stronghold. When the tents arrived it all kind of fell into place. Made sense to move the Jawa's down and surround them with items. Pretty happy with the end result.


 The view as you enter the marketplace. Just happened to catch the balloon as it passed. The krayt Dragon Skeleton looming over marketplace is the newest addition.

The Jawa vendors and their goods.

More goods under another tent and another vendor booth.

Tuk’ata Research Table and egg clusters.

Glimpse into the hanger. Ancient Burial Urn from Athiss and Statue of a Noble Beast.

Wall of Banners. And a good shot of the Tribal Blade Totem.

Kingpin's Rancor from this last summer's casino event. Tribal Campfire and Tribal Camp Arrangement.

Not too much in the Mid court area. Sculptural fountain, Fusion Generator.

Rakata Energy Pylon, Fusion Generator, and a glimpse of the Krayt Dragon Skelton in the back.

KDY Bomber.


Pet Tent tomorrow.

Dedicated to Followers everywhere